About us


We are a group of local businesses that have a core goal of providing education and services needed by Seniors on the North Shore.


Saying “sorry, we don’t do that” is hard, especially to a Senior who has limited ability to research, review and engage multiple service providers in an already complex healthcare system. While individually we might not be able to provide all the help a senior needs, with the range of service providers in the Senior Services Circle, we seek to help Seniors on the North Shore by confidently saying “yes, we know someone who is great and can do that for you”.

What We Do

“Bringing services to North Shore Seniors”

We are a group of like minded businesses on the North Shore that provide essential, specialized and varying services to seniors. We are motivated by our desire to help seniors on the North Shore and to educate ourselves of the range of services available to them in North & West Vancouver. We often see seniors struggling to research and understand options available to them and hope to be a one-stop shop for their needs by leaning on each other. We pool in our time, effort and other resources to organize free clinics, awareness sessions and in-home consultations.  Find out more about our members here. Find out more about our Seniors Fairs and Speaker Series here.