About us


We are a group of local businesses that share a core goal of providing support and services to Seniors on the North Shore.


Nobody wants to say “Sorry, we don’t do that”, especially to a Senior who is unable to research multiple service providers. Our complex healthcare system can be challenging to negotiate. With the range of service providers in the Senior Services Circle, we can confidentily say “Yes, we know someone who is great at that and we can get them in touch with you.”

What We Do

“Bringing services to North Shore Seniors”

Focussed on the North Shore we provide essential, and specialized services to seniors. We also apprise ourselves of the wide range of services available in North & West Vancouver and are pleased to offer a friendly reliable one-stop shop for seniors. We pool our time, energy and resources to organize free clinics, awareness sessions and in-home consultations.  Find out more about our members here. Find out more about our Seniors Fairs and Speaker Series here.